Scottish Wildcats are in danger of extinction. One of the most impressive predators in the world; intelligent, fearless, resourceful, patient, agile and powerful they are genuine superpredators which until as recently as the 1950s were still believed to be man killers.  Although wildcats look similar to domestic cats, these are no ferals or farm cats run wild; they're Britain's only remaining large wild predator, our only wild cat, and they walked this land for millions of years before mankind arrived or domestic cats existed.  Surviving human persecution for five hundred more years than the British wolf and over a thousand more years than the British lynx or bear, they are born survivors; adaptable and resilient to some of the most substantial changes in habitat, culture and politics that any animal has had to face.  Every inch a cat in every sense of the word the Scottish wildcat epitomises the independent, mysterious and wild spirit of the Highlands like no other creature. ((c) Wildcat Haven)

"They'll fight to the death for their freedom; they epitomise what it takes to be truly free I think."
Mike Tomkies

cozy wildcat mysteries

Catastrophe ~ A Highland Murder Most Fowl
~ Catastrophe's adventures will continue with book two ~
The Kelpies Cliffs

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This is my little 'wobbly cat' Cobweb.  If you have read how to identify a wild cat you should be able to tell why she is not one.  Can you?  If you are stuck take a close look at her tail...

~ The purrrfect cosy cat mystery~ 

Charming protagonists, reprehensible relatives, with an edge-of-your-seat conclusion, as seen through the eyes of the irrepressible feline hero! Looking forward to more adventures with Mary, George, and Catastrophe!

An absolutely wonderful book for children and adults! Very well written, and the description of the Highlands where Catastrophe lives is enchanting. As is Catastrophe himself, and his exciting tale. This writer is the first since J K Rowling that can make me laugh and cry while reading her books. I could not put this book down! Highly recommended!

Gads What Fun! The world of mischief and mystery as seen from the eyes of an adopted wild cat. Not a tamed feral cat but a real wild cat, barely amenable to having humans around, this one earns his name and solves the mystery.  I want more.

I’d never heard of a cozy mystery let alone a cozy cat mystery, but as a lifelong lover of cats and wildlife I had to give this a try. The wildcat himself is a real character, and it is fascinating to see his beautiful Highland world viewed through his eyes, a world of sadness and joy, irony and humor, yearning and peace. Makes me want to visit the highlands of Scotland and read more about wildcats and the threat of extinction they are facing. What a loss to the world that would be. A wonderful cozy mystery for the entire family.

What a delightful book! Such a wonderful story and such clear descriptions, I could actually see the highlands. I hope she writes more in this series because I will definitely buy them. Loved the characters and the writing.

so you have a fox, dog and a wildcat.  Did you know cats walk with their claws sheathed?  Report sightings to 
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